Lead Generation + Conversion

While many agents seek a silver bullet for success in real estate, the reality is that there are no shortcuts. True success demands hard work, consistency, and a commitment to the grind. Ultimately, being a real estate agent in a sales role means putting in the required effort.Success in real estate is simple, but not easy. It comes down to two things: lead generation and lead conversion. Any brokerage overlooking these pivotal factors is concentrating on the wrong priorities.


Field Tested, Proven Processes

Mark Allen Realty was founded by Matt Liss, a top 1% real estate agent for more than a decade, Matt has a consistent track record of over $40M in annual production by simply focusing on lead generation and conversion. Recently Matt has shifted his focus to empower fellow agents. The training, processes, and systems are a direct reflection of Matt's industry-leading personal business, devoid of fluff and prioritizing agents' interests over shareholder concerns.The proven processes, when diligently implemented, pave the way for enduring career success. Matt remains accessible, hosting weekly mentorship calls and providing one-on-one mentoring and support.


Generating Leads With Your SOI

An agent's SOI (Sphere of Influence) is the number one and most profitable source of business. This group is comprised of all the people, contacts, and connections that you have, whether real estate related or not. Our SOI training provides agents with processes and systems to intentionally generate leads from their SOI.We make it easy to remain consistent providing actions plans to make sure your monthly calls are made, automated bi-monthly emails written for you and sent on your behalf, a conversation framework, and automated market updates to keep you top of mind for referrals.


Generating Leads With Influencers

These are people you want to know in the community that have or work with people with a regular need for real estate services. Focusing on influencers is intentionally focusing on people that have the ability to refer you business. These may include: builders, flippers, financial planners, divorce attorneys, probate attorneys, etc.The key is adding new influencers to your database daily and providing value to them. This is a great way to grow your SOI and add referral partners to your database.


Zero Cost House Lead Database

Within our brokerage, we boast an extensive lead database that has surpassed 7,500 leads and continues to grow steadily. This invaluable resource is at the disposal of Mark Allen Realty agents, providing an exceptional opportunity for prospecting. Our diverse array of leads originates from various channels, including Google Ads, Zillow, Yelp, Facebook Ads, and direct office calls.What makes this lead database particularly advantageous is its potential to serve as a launchpad for agents who may not have access to a substantial database or possess a significant budget. It opens doors for agents to actively engage with leads right from the outset of their real estate careers.


Referrals with PrimeStreet

With Mark Allen Realty's relationship with PrimeStreet you have the opportunity to opt in to receive referrals. Agents receiving PrimeStreet referrals will benefit from a dedicated call center that diligently nurtures leads on their behalf. Operating seven days a week, PrimeStreet ensures immediate responses to leads, following up with calls and texts an average of 26 times over a period of six months. This proactive approach significantly increases the likelihood of lead conversion.Upon identifying leads primed for buying or selling within the next six months, PrimeStreet seamlessly transfers them to you, providing an invaluable opportunity to capitalize on these prospects.


Leads With Google Ads

Fuel your business growth with our Google Ads Lead Program, delivering a consistent influx of 20-30 leads monthly in your preferred areas. Secure your spot in this exclusive program for just $299/month—a small investment with a powerful impact.Maximize your efforts with a 1-3% conversion rate over 18-24 months through our comprehensive training, guiding you seamlessly from lead to closed transaction. Stay ahead in the competitive real estate landscape with instant notifications and automatic connections via phone call. While not a silver bullet, our Lead Program is a strategic investment designed for agents committed to the long game, planning to stay for at least 18 months.


Lead Conversion

In the world of real estate, leads are a treasure trove, but their value lies in your ability to convert them. At Mark Allen Realty, our agents are armed with the essential tools and resources to master the art of lead conversion. Thanks to Matt's finely tuned systems and processes, our agents consistently achieve conversion rates that outshine industry averages.What sets MAR apart is our dedication to providing agents with distinct buyer and seller processes, ensuring they stand out from the competition. These processes aren't just effective; they're repeatable and scalable, allowing our agents to stay efficient and devote their time to the most impactful, dollar productive activities: generating and converting leads.


Agents, Not Brokerages

Build your own brand within Mark Allen Realty. Success knows no bounds, and it's not confined to any specific brokerage. It's not about the office location, national brand, or the duration you've spent with a particular brokerage. What truly makes a difference is your capability to attract and convert leads. Explore the reasons clients choose their agents. Your success is not limited by your brokerage; it's driven by your skill in building connections and delivering value. Our focus at Mark Allen Realty is equipping our agents with the tools, technology, and skill set to run a successful real estate business.

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